Note:- We created this website for fun purpose, We dont have any intensionss to harm anyone.
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 What Is Call Bomber?

Call bomber is a web app which allows sending multiple free call bombs to a specific number. This is a free website which allows using call bombs multiple times. Call bombing and sms bomber software is used just for fun purpose, if you want to do a prank with your friend or any family member then just enter the number, unlimited call or sms flooding will be release on that phone number. This website allows you to send multiple / unlimited prank call bombing to your desired number. This is online call bomber tool which can do call bombing across the globe.

 What is the use of call bomber?

Call Bombers is a prank website that is used for only fun purposes, suppose if you want to do a prank with your friend just enter the number and unlimited calls will be deliver to that number that makes the person irritated.

 How to use Call Bombers?

Step 1: Enter your desired number whom you want to call bomb.
Step 2: After entering the number press Call Bomber button.
Step 3: After the pressing the Call Bomber button it will start bombing.


Finally you know what a Call Bomber is and how to use it. I hope you liked this article. If you still feel that there is some deficiency left in this article which needs to be corrected, and then please tell us by commenting so that we can help ourselves and you. Lastly don't forget to share this post!


1. Is call bomber safe?
Yes, Call Bomber is safe to use and it canโ€™t be used to harm people.

2. How to turn off call bomber?
When you bomb someone's number, a stop button is given there, clicking on it stops the call bomber immediately.
3. Is using a call bomber illegal?
No, it is just a prank tool, the use of call bomber in not illegal..

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